Life Lessons: What I Know Now Versus Then

As the snow was starting to come down outside here a few hours ago, I was thinking back to the snowy days in Baku. I used to really enjoy the walk from my office to my flat.

Frozen Fountain Square- Photo image of central city Baku Azerbaijan

Frozen Fountain Square

Exit the office and turn right. Walk three blocks and turn right; 1 block, turn left. Up three more blocks and another right. Then straight down the boulevard five or six blocks until you come to the “Шахматный клуб” (Shakhmatnyy Klub).

It was the kind of landmark everyone knew and it was all the address I ever had to give. I always felt like it had some old history and a good vibe. I really enjoyed living there (uh, once we got the heat issue sorted, that is!).

It was a good discovery, that flat. Nearly all of my best memories are centered on that flat, even though it was the fourth, or maybe fifth, apartment I had actually rented there. When I sit and reminisce, I find the best adventures and most fulfilling times were based there.

The first days were chaotic and wild- the struggle to adjust and figure out the system. One flat was sold while I was home visiting my mother, the next two only totaled a year together. Then I ended up trading flats with a friend who liked my location better. And finally I ended up at the Chess Club for the rest of my days in Baku.

I was taking this walk down memory lane as a result of some things that our group of intrepid travelers reminded me of in our last Q&A on planning and creating an adventure-filled life. It’s good to see some things I would do over again the same, and yet I realize, as I am packing to go to a conference 3000 miles away, I no longer feel compelled to buy 18 pairs of pantyhose, or bring along 36 pairs of underwear… That’s a life lesson I am glad to have learned! 😉

Jonelle Hilleary:

Retirement doesn’t mean quitting life. But it also doesn’t mean endless days.

Live purposefully... if you want to garden, do it; if you want to travel, make plans and do thatIf you want to live abroad, start researching and reaching out to bloggers who live where you think you want to be.

Whatever you want your Adventure Filled Life to become, it will take more than dreaming.

The point is take action. Do small things to move forward each day (make SMART goals to get you started).

Others have sounded the simplify theme. Here’s what happens when you don’t:

As I was leaving America to live in Azerbaijan, I took 36 pairs of underwear, 18 deodorants, and 18 pairs of pantyhose. Can you imagine anything more ridiculous to pack? Oh yes, I also packed my pink suede shoes… that would be more silly!  

I ended up leaving America with no problem, only to recheck my luggage in Frankfurt with a  642 excess luggage fee (yikes!)

Do as they said, not as I did..”

Read more great ideas and advice in the complete post here: The Adventure Filled Life, Part 2

As I leave for the airport in a few minutes, I wanted to share all the results of the second half of the questions and advice. And, once again, thank everyone who gave so graciously to this roundup of tips and suggestions.

Enjoy! And I will see you back here once I arrive at my destination.

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